The length
of protection is multiplied
Duplex systems last 1.5 to 2.3 times longer than the sum of the lifetimes of the separate hot-dip galvanizing and anti-corrosive coating. Due to the longevity, the maintenance costs are eliminated.
For the combat
Truly durable protection for structures and products in the environments of high corrosive aggressiveness. Ideal solution for the surfaces exposed to moisture and various airborne contaminants.
of design
Aesthetics is given the green light here. You don't have to sacrifice the desired surface color for a durable corrosion protection effect.
The anti-corrosion coating alone can have a shelf life of 10 years.
That of the galvanized steel is 60 years in average.
When combining both methods, you get a reliable protection for 105 to 175 years.

How does it work

1. Hot dip galvanizing

For the products intended for corrosion protection by the duplex system, the quality requirements for the hot-dip galvanized coat are even more stringent than those for the steel without any additional surface treatments. The zinc coat layer must be uniform in all parts, with no visible lumps, sharp protrusions or fins. Without any film formed by the adhesion of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride particles to the surface and no white rust resulting from the action of moisture.

2. Surface treatment by sweeping

To achieve the highest possible durability of the coating system, the galvanized surface is treated by a so called sweeping. The process involves a light blasting/cleaning of the galvanized steel using a non-metallic abrasive, and a creation of an anchoring profile for a good adhesion of the subsequent coating.

3. Application of paints

We will design the most suitable coating system depending on the nature of the product, the corrosive aggressiveness of the target environment, the aesthetic, economic and other requirements. During the actual application of paints we must ensure that all the technological conditions are met. Whether it is the shortest possible time between sweeping and coat application or the exact adherence to the overcoating intervals of the applied materials. Only if all the conditions are met it is possible to produce a duplex system of high quality and maximum durability.