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Whether you need to paint a single unique product or a complete set of serial products. We also blast and paint parts over 30 m long, up to 4.5 m wide and weighing up to 30 t.
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From the surface pretreatment by blasting to the actual industrial painting. Anti-corrosive and fireproof coatings. Duplex coatings with the longest corrosion protection.
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We will design the optimal coating system taking into account the type of material, the corrosive environment and your requirements. And we will apply it carefully to the products.

The Hustopeče paint shop services

Duplex Coats

The combined coatings of hot-dip zinc and paint guarantee a long-lasting corrosion protection. The coatings last 1.5 to 2.3 times longer than the sum of the separate service lives of galvanization and paint.
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Anti-corrosion and fire-resistant coatings

We work with a large variety of paint types according to the product needs and customer requirements. From the basic 1K and 2K paints to the multi-layer systems of the organic, water-soluble paints. The paints are applied by the airless method using the Graco King and Wiwa Herkules equipment.


The blasting of steel parts, weldments and structures will prepare the surface for the application of paints. Blasting is carried out in different intensities as needed by the following treatment. The process unifies and roughens the surface - it results in removal of the traces of machining, smoothing of welds, degreasing, and removing the previous coats and, if any, the surface and deep rust.

Three-layer coating, Moravský Písek

Three-layer coating of the steel pipes with polyethylene

The most durable corrosion protection for the steel pipes distributing the gas and liquid in the ground. We are the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to provide industrial polyethylene coating for pipes with a diameter of 18-133 mm and a length of 5-12.5 m in Moravský Písek.
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