1,200 ton-per-month
production capacity
15,000 m2 of space
for your projects
160 steel
We are able to ensure the implementation of steel structures starting from the elaboration of production documents through the actual production to the corrosion protection, delivery and installation. Our production halls have superior equipment that allows us to produce even the large-scale structures. SIGNUM's extensive machinery includes, for example, the laser burning, marking, drilling and punching centers, angle production lines, etc. The handling of steel parts is made possible by overhead cranes and other lifting gear. In production, we use, among others, the technologies of thermal and mechanical cutting and bending and welding using Method 111, 121, 135 and 783
Thanks to our own hot-dip galvanizing plant with a 12 m long bath and a 54 × 18 m wet paint shop, we provide the corrosion and fire-resistant surface treatment for manufactured structures, including the so-called duplex systems that combine the process of hot-dip galvanizing and painting.