180 tun
Construction made
New York, USA


A unique project that has created a large garden with lots of trees, plants and quiet nooks, which will offer the public a place to relax, peacefully meet and stop in an otherwise hectic and green area-poor Manhattan.


The structure we supplied holds the garden roofing - a glass canopy measuring approximately 55 m in length and 27 m in width and covering an area of approximately 1500 m2.
The primary structure - columns with a rhombus-shaped cross-section of 700 x 280 mm - is made of 20 mm thick bent sheet metal.
The column shafts are up to 15 m high and a total height of the columns is 17 m. The column arms are of a half cross-section and are supported by the adjacent buildings. Rainwater drainage is provided by stainless steel rainwater downpipes located inside of the columns. The secondary glazing structure is made of the square-tube profiles of a cross-section of 160 x 80 mm. The structural grid corresponds to the specific glazing size of 1.6 x 2.8 m. All the bolted connections are hidden inside the profiles so as not to interfere with the elegant appearance of the structure.
Due to the harsh climatic conditions in New York, the highest standards of the structural surface finish had to be met in the manufacturing process to accommodate the coastal weather conditions.