950 tun
Construction made
Porec, Chorvatsko


Aquacolors Porec - these are exciting adrenaline experiences and perfect relaxation for the whole family.
On an area of 10ha you will find fifteen water slides of various shapes and lengths. Most of them are interesting not only for an unforgettable adrenaline experience during their descent, but also for their design.

We have produced all steel structures for the entire aquapark complex, including their assembly directly in Poreč. In addition to water slides, the park also offers a number of other attractions. A 500m long lazy river winds among the greenery - one of the longest in Europe. There is a large artificial wave pool, as well as the Crocodile Bay Spa with 140 hydromassage loungers and a cave water bar.


The most interesting and unusual attraction, even from a construction point of view, is the dominant feature of the entire park - the yellow Magicone spiral chute. When riding this gigantic attraction, the rider is thrown through the tube of the slide into a 29-meter wide funnel which is supported by a huge steel structure. The funnel, shaped like a tilted cone with elliptical bases sized 29 x 22 m at its entrance and 18 x 13 m at its exit stopway part consists of 187 plastic panels. The entire colossus is raised by a massive structure made up of nine elliptical truss frames. The structure is assembled from seamless steel tubes sized from 48.3 x 4 mm to 139.7 x 5 mm in S 235 grade, with a total weight of 70 tons. The workshop fabrication of Magicon was carried out in stages according to the assembly needs. It was produced based on a 3D model provided by the plastic part supplier. In the absence of complete steel structure production drawings and due to the challenging geometry and surface treatment of the structure which disallowed for any additional interventions on the site, all the elliptical frames and truss columns were pre-assembled with each other in the workshop.