270 tun
Construction made
Bratislava, Slovakia


Sky Park is a new residential and administrative district in Bratislava's Old Town, designed by Zaha Hadid, one of the most important women in contemporary world architecture, for the Slovak capital before her death. The main feature of Sky Park are three high-rise buildings of attractive shapes with 31 floors, for which SIGNUM produced steel structures for roof superstructures - the so-called "caps." The construction of each superstructure supplied by us weighs 90 tons.


Primary steel structures - beams and rings Steel structures covering the buildings with a floor-plan size of 45 × 26 meters. In its cross-section, the structure has the shape of a half-ellipse with a height of 11 meters. The 273 × 8 mm tubular beams act as columns and they are anchored to the reinforced concrete building frame, to the embedded anchor plates and to the top ring. The rings are welded box girders of a rectangular cross-section with a size of 400 × 280 mm and 180 × 250 mm, which are welded from the P8 to P16 plates. As the beams are rotated in the vertical direction, the struts and tie bands of the girders are formed by a part of the pyramid surface. The mounting joint of the boxes and beams is of a screw-type through the face plates.

Secondary steel structures - slats Slats are placed at 10 height levels around the entire roof perimeter in the bays between the beams. The cross section forms a pentagon of the square-tube profile (100 × 100 × 5 mm) and the 27 × 4 mm tube - all connected with P5 plates. The slats are supported between the beams by struts made of 114 × 6 mm tubes anchored into the rings.