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Construction made
Colorado Springs, USA


In 2014, according to a project by the architectural studio SOM, we produced a steel structure for the Center for the Development of Character and Leadership of the US Air Force Academy.
The Polaris Hall Pyramid serves as a ceremonial hall for the inauguration of US Air Force cadets. The whole structure is 33 meters high. The base measures 18 x 26 meters The pyramid has an inclination of 39 degrees and the skylight at its top shows the star Polaris on a clear night, which symbolizes the help of pilots in navigating aircraft and is supposed to remind them of their values. The shape of the building also symbolizes the rear end of the aircraft. The project of the Center for the Development of Character and Leadership complex comes from the workshop of the famous American architectural studio SOM, which already designed a cadet chapel for the Academy of the American Air Force in Colorado in 1962. Both buildings are very similar and stand right next to each other.


The structural design of Polaris Hall consists of 18 floors of trusses where the individual ba_x0002_rs are made of a welded T-profile with a variable strut height. Individual floors are connected to each other by bolting through the drilling in the bottom and top stretch of each floor. The quoins are formed by the girders of triangular cross-section. To ensure the accuracy of the geometrically demanding construction a workshop pre-assembly was a necessary part of the production.