The surface protection for
pipes that will last forever
The most durable corrosion protection for pipes that distribute the liquids and gases you need to be buried in the ground.
A unique service
in the Czech Republic
We are the only company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to provide industrial polyethylene coating for the pipes with a diameter of 18-133 mm and a length of 5-12.5 m.
The quality of the three-layer coating meets the requirements of the DIN 30 670 test methodology and the Czech test methods.

How does it work

What the three-layer coating is suitable for

Steel pipes coated with a three-layer plastic insulation are mainly intended for the gas line and the liquid distribution systems. In the gas industry, the steel pipes are used for a natural gas distribution up to an operating pressure of 6.3 MPa and for the propane butane distribution. In addition, the pipes coated in various colors are used as fencing components.

How does it work

The steel pipe is first blasted with a steel shot to get rid of impurities. Th pipe is then heated to 250 °C and coated with a layer of epoxy and an adhesive, onto which a polyethylene of a thickness of 2-3 mm is then slid. The coating surface shall be smooth, the depressions or grooves do not exceed the limit coating thickness tolerance.

We monitor the quality of the coating

We check the polyethylene coating for quality by applying a high voltage of 25 kV to 100% of the surface. The three-layer coating quality meets the test methodology requirements of DIN 30 670 and the Czech test methods.
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