The year 2021 can be assessed as a very good year for our hot-dip galvanizing division, despite the generally unfavorable and very difficult market situation. We managed to win enough contracts, most of our galvanizing plants were running at full capacity the whole year and we achieved very good results.

At the same time, we have invested in further modernization of our galvanizing plants, some of our galvanizing plants have been or are still being completely rebuilt, while elsewhere we have invested in the new equipment and technology. Here is an overview of the most significant investments in the second half of this year.


We put the new Bezdružice galvanizing plant into full operation in the last autumn. Immediately afterwards, we started the construction of a new warehouse, which will be situated on the site of the original hot-dip galvanizing plant.

Moravský Písek

A complete reconstruction of the hot-dip galvanizing plant in Moravský Písek is also in progress. At the moment, a new hall for the galvanizing plant has already been built and the technology construction has begun. The expected date of completion and commissioning of the new galvanizing plant is this spring.


In the summer, a CNG filling station was built in Humenné and we also purchased two CNG-powered forklifts for the galvanizing plant... 


During the autumn, three pairs of galvanizing hoists were replaced in Prostějov. 

Hustopeče - centrifugal hot dip galvanizing plant

A complete reconstruction of the galvanizing furnace was carried out at the centrifugal hot dip galvanizing plant at the end of last year, thanks to which  the process of hard zinc removal from the galvanizing bath will be easier and more perfect. 

Dugo Selo

In our largest Croatian galvanizing plant, we have acquired new hoists and overhead cranes in the bindery and for the galvanized material cleaning.

Last summer we completed the entire reconstruction of the hot dip galvanizing plant in Bezdružice in West Bohemia. We put the galvanizing plant into full operation in the last autumn. The SIGNUM Bezdružice galvanizing plant is  currently the state-of-the-art and best equipped hot-dip galvanizing plant in  the Czech Republic and it is among the absolute leaders in  the field of hot-dip galvanizing in Europe.

The most important part of the reconstruction was the construction of a new large zinc furnace of 7.5 x 1.8 x 3 metres in size, owing to which the galvanizing plant is able to galvanize steel structures of much larger dimensions than before. During the construction of the new galvanizing plant, emphasis was placed primarily on the high safety of its operation and on compliance with the most stringent hygiene and environmental standards in terms of noise and production of fumes. 

State-of-the-art machinery and technology are used in the hot-dip galvanizing process, the galvanizing plant is semi-automated and largely controlled by software.  In the hot-dip galvanizing plant, a so-called extraction pickling shop was installed, where the operator no longer moves between the pickling baths. Electric loading trolleys are used instead of conventional forklift trucks. Throughout the galvanizing process, a rocker arm or a galvanizing beam, on which the material to be galvanized is suspended, is moved by overhead cranes. The entire galvanizing plant is roofed so that all the material, incl. the "black" material is well protected against adverse weather conditions before galvanizing.

During the whole last year, we had gradually galvanized the overhauled, richly decorated Art Nouveau railings of the Prague’s Čech Bridge in our Bezdružice galvanizing plant. 169 meters long bridge connecting the Curie Square on the right-hand bank s with the Edvard Beneš Embankment on the left-hand bank, is the only such large ornate bridge structure in the Czech Republic that is a protected technical monument. The individual parts of the overhauled railings are gradually galvanized in Bezdružice, while the first parts of the railings were galvanized in the original "old" galvanizing plant and now we are continuing the project in the new galvanizing plant.