In the Czech Republic, we operate 6 hot-dip galvanizing plants, a large-capacity galvanizing plant for the centrifugal hot-dip galvanizing and our own paint shop, thanks to which we can offer our customers the anti-corrosion technology of duplex coats. In Hustopeče u Brna we produce various types of load-bearing building structures, steel halls and technological structures for industrial, energy, transport or agricultural facilities. In our plant in Moravský Písek we perform three-layer polyethylene coating of pipes.

Signum Group

The position of our company in the field of European industry is undeniably significant. Today, we can be proud that Signum is made up of three prosperous companies located in strategically important regions: the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia. Our operations in Central Europe place us among the key players in the field of hot-dip galvanizing, production of steel structures and production of high-voltage lattice masts.

With professional know-how and modern technologies, we achieve high standards of quality and efficiency. The dynamism of the activities we apply is reflected in the ability to constantly innovate and adapt to rapidly changing market needs. With a presence in various countries of Central Europe, we effectively respond to the specifics of each market, thanks to which we provide our clients with a comprehensive tailor-made solution.
Members of the SIGNUM Group



On 26 April 1991 is the company SIGNUM spol. s.r.o. registered in the commercial register. Since 1990, we have been building a hot-dip galvanizing plant in Moravské Písek, which will become one of the first private galvanizing plants in the Czech Republic.

Galvanizing will start in Moravský Písek in April. The interest in the service is great and will allow us to start soon the construction of another galvanizing plant, this time in Hustopeče u Brna.
Commissioning of the galvanizing plant in Hustopeče.

Opened zinc plant in Deštná near Jindřichův Hradec..
We are putting it into operation in Hustopeče centrifugal hot-dip galvanizing plant..

Acquisition of the former Mostarna Hustopeče a. s. premises. After the plant’s extensive reconstruction and modernization we start production of steel structures.
We open a galvanizing plant in České Budějovice. Our plant with the largest galvanizing bath sized 12 × 1.8 × 3.5 m which allows galvanizing the large structures.
Acquisition of the Galvanizing Plant in Prievidza took place.
The Humenné Galvanizing Plant was added to our plants.
In December we took over the galvanizing plant in Prostějov.
Establishment of the Adriacink galvanizing plant in Split, Croatia.
Elektrovod Slovakia becomes the successor of Elektrovod Žilina. The galvanizing plants in Prievidza and Humenné are transferred to ELV Slovakia. We are also opening to our customers the Žilina galvanizing plant itself which until now has been used for galvanizing Elektrovod products only.
The Bezdružice galvanizing plant expands our plant network. It is our current state-of-the-art galvanizing plant which underwent the extensive reconstruction in 2020 and 2021.
We are purchasing the NFS Cink galvanizing plant in Dugo Selo, Croatia.